Sunday, 10 May 2015

my favourite personality

 I have a a favourite personality. She ia my aunt. she is a schoolteacher. She is a teacher of additional mathematics. i was a student of her school. Now i am growth up to follow her personality. She is favourite to me because of some reasons. I attended her classes for two years. She is very popular to the students. Her teaching technique is quietly exceptional. She can solve complex mathematic easily. She is very honest and religious. She always speak the truth. I have benefited much remaining in touch with her. I always follow her personality to be a puntual, sincere, honest and truthful women. I also want to be a teacher like her and she always inpire men. I think that i would be an ideal teacher if i could follow her personality. She is not only my aunt but also a best friend, teacher and guardian. I pray to God for her long life.

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